Monday, January 26, 2009

Ginger Bread Men for School Fair

Maddy was busy busy decorating all of these ginger bread men for her school fair. She painstakingly iced all 68 of them and everyone of them were sold.

The Smash

My new little Tiida was crashed into by a 4WD while my husband was waiting at a round-a-bout. And she isn't even 1 year old : (
It looks worse than it was and thankfully we had it reapaired and back on the road one week after the accident.

Hello Again

Wow, how time flies, I haven't added anything since NOVEMBER and yet it only seems like yesterday????
I'll warn you this will be a lengthy post because so much has happened since November.
I entered the Maya Road home for the holidays competition and was chosen as one of their finalists. Iwas speechless (which is very unusual) and since then my entry has been made into a Maya Road recepie card. I've added a photo of my winning entry and of another item I made, just in case I didn't like the first one.