Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We had a house full of celebrities on the weekend, Cameron and the kids umpire AFL and the local newspaper did a feature on "Fathers Day/AFL Umpiring Association".

Apparently not too many Dad's go out of their way to spend extra time with their kids and vice a versa (especially teenagers). And the fact Cameron and four of our kids are in the RUA and train/umpire together is a bit rare. We don't have that issue in our family as the saying goes the family who play together stay together. We do heaps of things together as a family like camping, go on regular trips here and there (the last one was to the MCG to watch Richmond beat Melbourne!!!! ok by one point, but they WON), we have picnics, play board games, have movie nights, the girls and I are in a craft group and Cameron and the boys stay at home and watch "Monkey" dvd's etc...
The article reads:
The Moore family have found an unorthodox way to spend quality time together.
While most families head to the movies or out for lunch, the Moore family each grab a whistle and take up arms at the region's Australian football grounds.
Five members of the Moore clan have taken up umpiring for the Riverina Umpires Association, and four of the whistle blowers will be officiating in the same game at Narrandera.
Cam Moore and his children Maddison, Rebecca, Chris and Jessica have been umpiring since Chris encouraged them all to get involved. Mr Moore had been an umpire in the region when he was growing up, and when Chris brought the idea of joining the association, her was eager to re-lace the boots.
"Chris came back from umpiring Paul Kelly Cup and wanted us to have a go," Mr Moore said.
"It has been a great way for the kids to be active and maintain fitness while getting a bit of cash on the side"
All the family come from a strong sporting background.
"Maddison played for the NSW baseball team last year, and all the kids have played sport," he said.
"But the kids have had many broken bones and this is a way to avoid injuries."
Jessica said Father's Day will be far from the relaxing recovery for her dad, and the central umpire for the under 17 years MCUE and Leeton clash.
"We will all get up early and jump on him, on his day to sleep in," she laughed
"Normally we go on a picnic on Fathers Day."
Jessica said she and her younger sisters do cop a bit of flak from the boys on the field.
"It's nothing we can't handle, we get picked on a bit but they are mostly pretty good," she said.
Maddison said her favourite part of the family activity was the power.
"I love being the one with the whistle," she said.
The Moore's have a second son Ben, who is a baker and works late.